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RUSSIA UNITES — a community of fans supporting the Russian national teams in all sports in all competitions within and outside of Russia.

Project «City is ready!»

The St. Petersburg public campaign «CITY OF READY!» is a project with goal to bring together the efforts of the state power, business structures and the citizens to improve the socio-economic and cultural development of St. Petersburg as part of the FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia TM

Channel «Step of Russia»

Channel «Step of Russia» is a new generation of informative channel with a goal to motivate citizens start to develop our country. To achieve this goal are creating new opportunities for appearing new leaders, innovative projects, entrepreneurship, science and education are getting support.

Geometria Ru — website of photo chronicles, globally illuminating the fashion, cultural and posh life of Russia, as well as countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Announcements and reviews of concerts, exhibitions, performances, parties and other events.

Fashion TV

International TV channel about fashion. Founded in France in 1997 by the founder and President Michel Adam Lisowski. In 2014 the audience were 400 million viewers in the world, including 80 million in Arab countries. Channel has a representative office in Russia.

Dress Code agent

Dress Code agent — the future of luxury